‘No deal of any kind with President Donald Trump, Facebook CEO Denies

'No deal of any kind with President Donald Trump, Facebook CEO Denies
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“No deal of any kind with President Donald Trump has it was claimed in some quarters that the Facebook chief Mark Zuckerberg is using social media to promote Trump’s political campaign.

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Although, The Facebook Cheif, has officially denied such a “rumor saying there is nothing of that kind.”

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“Let me be clear: There’s no deal of any kind,” Zuckerberg told the news site.

“Actually, the whole idea of a deal is pretty ridiculous.”

There were a series of pressure on Mark Zuckerberg on this comment for promoting or advertisers, to curb hateful content that may promote violence, including from Trump.

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Mark Zuckerberg roll-out Facebook policy clear of fact-checking political speech but it did take down an ad from the Trump campaign that included a symbol used in Nazi Germany.

“There are a lot of people who’ve said that maybe we’re too sympathetic or too close in some way to the Trump administration,” Zuckerberg said.

Facebook has had a number of conflicts with the current administration including attacks on Section 230, which gives online services a liability shield from content posted by third parties.

“Under this administration, we’ve faced record fines of $5 billion, are under antitrust investigation by multiple agencies, and have been targeted by an executive order to strip protections in Section 230,” he said.

He further added that “I do speak with the president from time to time, just like I spoke with our last president and political leaders around the world.”

Zuckerberg said he accepted an invitation to a private White House dinner with Trump “because I was in town and he is the president of the United States.”

He quickly points out that “I also had multiple meals and meetings with President Obama … both at the White House and outside, including hosting an event for him at Facebook Headquarters.”

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