Report: Chelsea player 'impose his will' to secure transfer shift
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Chelsea most expensive summer recruit Romelu Lukaku has been at the centre of criticism since his drop in form following an impressive start to his Chelsea second spell under Thomas Tuchel.

The £98-million-Belgian-star is said to be the perfect clinical striker that will bang in goals for the Blues, but he has only managed to score five goals in 16 appearances in all competitions this season.

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Romelu Lukaku has struggled to maintain the standard he raised at Inter Milan in two seasons where he scored 64 goals in 95 appearances in all competitions under Antonio Conteo.

The injury-plaque Belgian star has just returned from a muscle injury he suffered in Chelsea’s 4-0 victory over Malmö FF in UCL this season, starting from the bench on two occasions.

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Romelu Lukaku’s style of play could not successfully adapt to Thomas Tuchel’s system, as he is known to use his physicality to get around opponent players in the 18-yard box.

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However, despite his physical build size, strength and ability to hold the ball to get to a goal-scoring opportunity, Thomas Tuchel’s system doesn’t support his philosophy. He has not been able to function at Chelsea under Thomas Tuchel as a target-man in the centre.

Since Romelu Lukaku is strong in the air, possesses pace, good link-up play and vision, he would succeed under Thomas Tuchel’s “Gegenpressing” system if the right players are signed to assist him.

For Thomas Tuchel to get the best out of Romelu Lukaku this season, he needs to sign either Real Madrid’s Alarcon Isco or Tottenham’s Son Heung Min.

Real Madrid’s Alarcon Isco and Tottenham’s Son Heung Min are the best options available to Thomas Tuchel should he desire to get his £98-million-star firing for the Blues.

How would any of these two players (Alarcon Isco and Son Heung Min) help Romelu Lukaku to return to form?

Romelu Lukaku needs to work with a player like Son Heung Min for some reasons; he is a selfless player who is willing to pass the ball to his teammates who is in a great scoring position; Romelu Lukaku loves to score with his head and Son Heung Min, who has a great crossing ability, will provide those crosses to the Belgian star.

Romelu Lukaku possesses good link-up play; Ziyech, Mason Mount and Timo Werner have not perfectly blended to the Belgian’s style of play. Son Heung Min has good link-up play as he has done that with Harry Kane at Tottenham.

Son Heung Min 2021/2022 season has seen him struggle for consistency under two different managers but he is still in great shape. Chelsea can sign him without difficulty, as he is valued at £50 million.

Alarcon Isco

Alarcon Isco, in three seasons, has struggled to maintain the standard he raised in his early days at Real Madrid under four different managers.

He isn’t a total failure as he can still rebuild his career elsewhere – and Chelsea is that place.

Romelu Lukaku will need his assistance as he is known for his ability to destabilise opponents’ defence to create goal-scoring opportunities for his teammates. Cristiano Ronaldo benefited more from Isco when they were still at Real Madrid.

Thomas Tuchel would not have any difficulty in signing him as he is willing to leave Real Madrid for a place where his effort would be complimented.

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