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Opinion: How will Nigeria cope if Donald Trump is re-elected as the US president?

It is no doubt that whoever emerges as the president of the United States exerts massive influence, not just domestically but internationally. Therefore, the outcome of every US election matters to all and sundry.

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Americans will go to the poll by 3rd November, 2020 to decide who will lead the White house for the next four years.

The election will be contested by incumbent US President, Donald Trump and former Vice President, Joe Biden, Trump’s only opponent.

The concern is; how will Nigeria cope if Donald Trump is re-elected as the US president?

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It can be recalled that Donald Trump has not had a very smooth relationship with Nigeria, ranging from his description of Nigeria’s president as “Lifeless”, to the question he asked the Nigerian President: “Why are you killing Christians”? A question which has raised a lot of unhealthy opinions.

Recently, America under Trump has refused to back Nigeria’s Okonjo-Iweala to head the World Trade Organization, even after the Nigerian former minister must have gathered the much needed support from about 106 countries.

This is another showcase of a strained relationship between Nigeria and the United States.

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The genesis of this edgy diplomatic relation may be traced to the decision by the Nigerian government to vote against Trump’s decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of the state of Israel on December 2017. The decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel is a fulfilled campaign promise and Donald Trump is not ready to tolerate oppositions to his decision.

Victory for Donald Trump may be a continuation of an edgy International relation between Nigeria and U.S.A, especially at a time when Nigeria needs foreign political support and help to withstand the pressure being mounted by protesters and separatist groups.

A second tenure for Trump may be a second phase of rough edges for the Nigerian government in gaining International goodwill, the government having being portrayed as anti-Christian impliedly by Trump’s question to Muhammadu Buhari: “Why are you killing Christians”?

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