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OPINION: Two The Things Biafra Agitator Should Considered


Oct 7, 2020
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Nigeria will never forget in a hurry the 1967 civil war. A lot of lives were lost and homes were emptied. After the civil war, an announcement of no winner no vanquished was made in an attempt to unify Nigeria again. Over the years, the Igbos due to one reason or the other felt marginalized and left out from the affairs of the country. To correct this trend, the call for the creation of Biafra has been re-ignited.

Biafra may never succeed in it course. These are the key reasons why I believe the IPOB goal may not materialize.

1) The federal might.

The president and the chief commander of the armed office yields a lot of political snd millitary power. From Buhari recent statements, it is crystal clear that his regime definitely won’t condone any secessionist or any factor that might lead to the division of the country. Eventually, if it comes to war, the present administration would win. The best international organization or other countries could do is to issue travel ban against perpetrators of perceived harassment of agitators or protesters. Biafra and other allied agitators obviously lack the resources and structures that can match that of the country. The aftermath will be a repeat of history.

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2) Investment and political reasons.

The Igbos are known for their dexterity in the business world. In fact, I doubt if there is any place in Nigeria where you won’t find Igbo businesses. All these business entanglements will further defeat the dream of a sovereign Biafra. Many rich igbo businessmen and women whose material support and voice would aid the realization of Biafra will refrain support because of their Investment which that will suffer after secession. Also, Politicians who are not in the good books of the Igbos and will fight tooth and nail to ensure the defeat of Biafra because they may be denied the opportunity into the political space.

Without gainsaying, it is very obvious that the Clarion call for Biafra and may fail due to the aforementioned reasons. There are better ways to make Nigeria great again rather than towing the line of secession. The president should be seen as a fatherly figure to all and sundry. The issue of politics in Nigeria should not be tribalised. Conscious efforts should be geared toward installing a visionary leader regardless of the tribe he or she comes from.

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