Opinion: What Roman Abramovich should do to compete with Newcastle new owner

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Just the way Newcastle has gotten a new owner, it is advisable for Roman Abramovich to adopt the same measure or strategies that the new Chelsea owner need to implement so that the club can get to the peak of the Premier League table this season 2021/2022 respectively.

Roman Abramovich is still one of the richest club owners in the world of football. He has completely transformed Chelsea since he bought the club some years ago. Chelsea have won the UEFA Champions League title as well as the UEFA Super Cup trophy this year. However, Chelsea’s dominance is now threatened by Newscastle United. This is because Newscastle United has been bought by new owners. The implication is that Newscastle United now have the richest owners in club football. Here are three things Roman Abramovich should do in order to remain competitive against a club like Newscastle United.

1. Invest in the squad

Roman Abramovich has received a lot of praise for the number of players he has bought over the past ten years. The Russian billionaire has acquired players like Romelu Lukaku and Kai Havertz in recent months. However, he should invest more money into the Chelsea squad. He should buy bigger players for the club. The likes of Erling Haaland and Jules Kounde should be brought to Stamford Bridge.

2. Build a new stadium for the club

Stamford Bridge only has a capacity of about 41,837seats. By contrast, Newscastle United’s stadium has a capacity of more than 52,000 seats. Roman Abramovich should think about the possibility of building a bigger stadium for Chelsea. If he builds a new stadium, more fans will watch Chelsea’s home games. This will generate more revenue for the club. This extra income could even be used to sign more players.

3. Allow Thomas Tuchel to remain for a long time

Roman Abramovich has sacked so many coaches since he bought Chelsea some years ago. However, he should be patient with Thomas Tuchel. This is because the German tactician has what it takes to become the next Sir Alex Ferguson. He has already won two major trophies for Chelsea this season. If the German coach remains at Stamford Bridge, Chelsea will continue winning major titles.

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