Biafra: Nnamdi Kanu shares Video of ESN In Akwa-Ibom Camp

Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, Leader of the Indigenous People Biafra(IPOB), vows to expose the traitors in Biafraland in tonight broadcast live at 7 pm Radio Biafra Time.

According to Nnamdi Kanu, “I shall be LIVE here again on Facebook and other information dissemination platforms to continue our ceaseless march towards our freedom and that of other ethnic nations who are are equally tired of Fulani mediocrity and terrorism.

“We are working to free all those trapped in the Damnable Zoological Republic of Nigeria bar none.”

Our sustained intellectual assault on the illegal occupants of Aso Rock under a cabal now headed by Aisha Buhari continues unabated until they run out of hyper-realistic face masks and admit to the truth that Nigeria has no president.

Osinbajo is still missing, traitors in Biafraland are still under threat of further exposure tonight.

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