Prophet TB Joshua Revealed What Will Happened to Christains this Week

Temitope Balogun Joshua, also referred to as TB Joshua, the General Supervisor and founder of the Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN), published a powerful prayer point for Christians and said the manifestation is due by the end of this week.

The cleric published it and posted it on their online platform. Below are the mighty prayers. If you alone have faith, watch how well in the name of JESUS, AMEN, it turns out for you.

This new day, the presence of the Almighty, in the mighty name of Jesus, will go with you and your home.

May the blessings of this new day remain in the strong name of Jesus, with you and your family.

In this new day you shall not be cut short in joy, and in the mighty name of Jesus the devil shall not gain edge over you.

I decree this Sunday, and all the rest of your life in the mighty name of Jesus, that you will not live in shame and lack of anything.

I decree that your mouth will sing joy and love when in the mighty name of Jesus testimonies begin to show themselves in and around you.

I decree that no man’s power of death or scheme will limit God’s blessings and glory to you in Jesus’ mighty name.

I decree that your steps are guided every day in the mighty name of Jesus to a place of achievement.

I decree you will never lose in any way or form, and in the mighty name of Jesus you will rise above all loss.

I decree your destiny and in the powerful name of Jesus the household will suffer no physical or spiritual loss.

I commend multiple blessings on all sides, in the mighty name of Jesus, beyond the imagination of man.

I decree that your time for change is now, nothing will stop you, or make you stagnate in Jesus’ powerful name.

I decree failure will never be part of your life and everything will now work together in the powerful name of Jesus.

I decree everything you have, and in the mighty name of Jesus you are ending in praise.

I declare that every day you are filled with joy and divine strength and you rise in the powerful name of Jesus with courage every day.

I command that sickness in the mighty name of Jesus to leave your body now.

I cover all the homes with Jesus’ blood on this platform

You won’t be mourning for anyone on this platform in Jesus’ mighty name

Go on and celebrate God for these statements

What an authentic FATHER!

We’re returning all of Glory alone to you.

Hallelujah! Hallelujah

God bless you! God bless you!

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