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Proposal slash of Military healthcare by $2.2 billion rejected- says, Trump


Aug 18, 2020

The US President, Donald Trump on Monday has rejected the proposal slash of military healthcare by $2.2 billion by Pentagon officials.

According to Trump, said, “we will do nothing to hurt our great, military professionals and heroes as long as I am your president.

Proposal slash of Military healthcare by $2.2 billion rejected- says, Trump

“Those Pentagon officials should get their pay cut for even introducing such an idea, to see how they will feel!!!

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“What our military needs more is all about mental and physical healthcare they want to slash their budget.”

However, Trump asked the House of Representatives should donate their pay to the military healthcare department, Instead.

Meanwhile, a Pentagon spokesperson said the system will “continually assesses how it can most effectively align its assets in support of the National Defense Strategy.

“The MHS will not waver from its mission to provide a ready medical force and a medically ready force,” said Pentagon spokesperson Lisa Lawrence. “Any potential changes to the health system will only be pursued in a manner that ensures its ability to continue to support the Department’s operational requirements and to maintain our beneficiary’s access to quality health care.”

In swift reactions, Most Americans have reacts as Trump rejects the Pentagon officials proposal,

They said,

“Cut the pay off the Senate and Congress as give them term limits, where this country will make up the money for tax breaks and funding.

“You’re truly an American loving president for rejecting the Pentagon officials proposal on military healthcare slash bill by $2.2 billion.

“President Donald Trump is a man of good faith and morality. He protects wholeheartedly for the police, the military, and the medical staff. Protects the laws and the constitution of the United States, exactly as he has officially rejected the proposal slash of the military healthcare fund represented by Pentagon officials.”


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