Pulisic at the edge to hit ground running, Chelsea to start with him this season

Pulisic was in action in the last pre-season friendly match against Peterborough United as the Blues trashed the Peterborough with 6-1 to become victorious in the friendly match.

Christian Pulisic is feeling fittered than ever and hoping the first full season of his Chelsea career will assist him to start the season in the top form.

Although, Pulisic missed out onour previous summer trip to the same venue in 2019 at Dublin.

Christain Pulisic, an International player from the United States of America USA,failed to be feature as he did not prepare for the 2020/21 can pay due to injury but he finally had the chance to get into top physical condition this summer after joining the squad training camp in Ireland.

Pulisic has been criticized by conversation from posting a video on Instagram of himself perform football tricks above Goliath grouper fish before falling into the water and landing on top of the vulnerable Marine appears.

No doubt, Christian Pulisic is fully on prepared with the Blues for the new pre-season is about to kick off next month.

But, the question is, What if Pulisic is transfer to other club as the transfer window is still on?

Can the Blues do without him (Christain Pulisic)?.

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