The United States, US, the 45th president of the United States, Donald Trump has finally revealed who he is fighting for.

Many people think that Donald Trump is just fighting for himself after he had already taken legal action against the outcome of the just-concluded election.

The election result which predicted the 46th president of the United States for Joe Biden has not by any way been certified by Donald Trump as he is yet to concede and insists that there are fraudulent activities performed during the counting of the ballots.

We should recall that Joe Biden of the Democrat part beat Donald Trump of the Republican party hands down with millions of votes.

According to the report from media, Joe Biden scored the highest electoral votes of 323 and over 80 million votes while the incumbent president garnered 232 electoral votes and over 73 million legal votes of which 270 electoral votes is needed for the next President of the United States.

Donald Trump moved online as he is still not yet ready to concede, finally revealed whom he is fighting for and he said that “I’m not fighting for me, I’m fighting for the 74,000,000 million people (not including the many Trump ballots that were “tossed”), a record for a sitting President, who voted for me!”

Trump is fighting for the voters. Reactions erupted as Donald Trump reveal these.

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