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Thomas Tuchel is ready to beat his rivals to restore his EPL title hope in January in their second leg matches. Manchester City defeated Chelsea in their first leg match at home while the Blues held Liverpool to a 1:1 draw at Anfield.

The West London Club would have defeated the Merseyside boys, but a poor video assistant referee and the center referee decision helped them to equalize the goal. Anthony Taylor took a controversial decision that affected Chelsea at full-time.

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Chelsea is fully ready to win the both teams for them to restore their title hope in January. The teams were initially affected by a high number of positive Covid-19 cases, while some because of Injury.

Paul Merson’s Prediction Hits Hard On Chelsea, Arsenal, and Man United

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The Manager is 100% ready to turn things around following the return of those top players in the team. It will be very difficult for Cbhelsea to lose any match again in the EPL.

Reasons why Chelsea will beat Manchester City and Liverpool

1. Title Hope

The west London team is keen on winning the title this season, they will make use of any opportunity to insure their dreams are achieved this season.

Thomas Tuchel squad can win both teams if the Manager will use his best tactics. They defeated Manchester city three times last season, it will be a possible results to achieve in January.

2. Return Of Players From INJURY/ Covid-19

The players who were sidelined because of Injury and Covid-19 cases have fully recovered. The presence of all the top players in the team, Chelsea will definitely beat Manchester city and Liverpool.

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