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Restored Biafra as a Nation, Will bring Africa back to it’s Glory- US Expert


Oct 20, 2020

The United States,US, media expert Elizabeth Charly, has confirmed that Biafra will bring back the glory of the Africa Continent when achieved.

She said; “the Nation of Biafra is the only apparatus that can change the course of Africa, steering it back to the path of progress”. I can categorically state that a speedy action be taken to make the agitation a reality”

According to the former congressman from Wichita, Kansas, was already a trusted adviser to President Trump as Director of the CIA, personally delivering the president’s daily intelligence briefings in the Oval Office.

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He takes the helm of the State Department as a number of issues demand attention on the world stage, from North Korea to Iran, to Syria to Russia, Chin,a and the state of Biafra.

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