Russian COVID-19 vaccine receive by Mexican President, saying “if it effective

BREAKING: Health Minister tests positive for Covid-19
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The Russian COVID-19 vaccine was received by Mexican President, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador said Monday if it is shown to be effective and active.

Meanwhile, Lat week Russia’s announcement, that it was the first in the world to approve a coronavirus vaccine was met with caution from Western scientists who said it still needed to be proved safe and effective.

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Russian COVID-19 vaccine receive by Mexican President, saying "if it effective

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“I would be the first to get vaccinated because it matters a lot to me, but we have to … ensure that it’s something effective and that it’s available to everyone,” Lopez Obrador said at his daily news conference.

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The Mexican leader added that he would personally reach out to Russia or China if they are first to develop an effective vaccine.

“In this important matter, there should be no ideologies… health comes first,” he said.

The Latin American country has recorded more than 56,000 coronavirus deaths — the world’s third-highest toll — and over half a million infections.

Mexico announced a deal last week with British-Swedish pharmaceuticals giant AstraZeneca to manufacture its vaccine now under development if clinical trials show it to be effective.


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