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See 4 Countries Where Igbo is Spoken Apart From Nigeria

Igbo language(asụsụ Igbo) is one of the most engaging, communicated in and effectively learn language in the nation with many individuals leaning toward it to yoruba and Hausa .

We can’t tally the quantity of celebrations , events , durbars and football editorial which were commentated in igbo .

Igbos establish around 27 million individuals worldwide and with around 18 million of them in Nigeria , this show what an astonishing and well known tongue it is .

Before we continue with the subject,  let us become familiar with a concise history about the igbos .

No one should die for seeking restoration of Biafra republic- Nnamdi Kanu

Igboland is the home of the Igbo public and it covers most of Southeast Nigeria. This zone is isolated by the Niger River into two conflicting fragments – the eastern region (which is the greatest) and the midwestern region. The stream, nevertheless, has not gone probably as a limit to social solidarity; rather it has given a straightforward strategies for correspondence in a locale where various settlements ensure different origins. The Igbos are moreover enclosed on all sides by various families (the Bini, Warri, Ijaw, Ogoni, Igala, Tiv, Yako and Ibibio).

1.Equatorial Guinea :

Tropical Guinea has a great deal of dialects and societies yet a portion of the are not initially of the land however were relatives of our territory searchers who later settle subsequent to finding rich terrains and water.

Igbos are the same.

Igbos in Equatorial Guinea sub up to around 400,000 individuals with some of them either talking it as a first or second language or both .


After the Nigerians helped in the development of the Cameroon-Nigeria interstate , the vast majority of them became insignificant dealers and shippers . At first some were additionally taken as slaves and hostages on ranch terrains of white provincial bosses and after the autonomy in Nigeria they were brought together with their families in Cameroon who later chose to remain and manufacture groups and set up their settlements, they later turned into a huge igbo tribe yet living in the Cameroon .


Henri christophe was the one who motivated the one who roused the spread of the igbo language in Haiti .

He was accepted hostage as a slave in the then naija realm .

While in Haiti he did numerous modest positions aside serving his lords and was later ready to purchase his opportunity and set up his family in the Haiti which later developed into a powerful igbo clan in the nation .


During the transoceanic slave exchange Barbados was one of the European (British) provinces that got numerous Igbo individuals during the slave exchange the eighteenth and mid nineteenth hundreds of years. Igbo familial presence can be found in all parts of Barbadian culture, including dialects and history books .

There was one lady who helped in the develop of the powerful clan in Barbados , she was called Nancy Daniels , a Nigerian brought into the world Barbadian slave who later brought forth numerous kids to make up an igbo network in the Barbados.

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