See What Veteran Journalist, Babajide Said After U.S. Army Rescued An Abducted American Citizen in the North

See What Veteran Journalist, Babajide Said After U.S. Army Rescued An Abducted American Citizen in the North.


At the early hours of yesterday, a Pentagon official broke the news via ABC News that an American national had been rescued from the captivity of bandits in a high risk operation in Northern Nigeria. The operation was carried out by U.S Elite Commandos to free an American citizen, 27-year-old Philip Walton, who was kidnapped on Tuesday, 26th October, on his farm, Masalata, a boarder town in Niger Republic. The successful operation had the backings of Niger Republic, and Nigeria.

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Speaking on TVC Weekend Journalists Hangout today, veteran journalist Babajide Kolade Otitoju has this to say:

This is the way Americans do their things and it is so similar to what they did to Osama bin Laden and Al-Baghdadi Hussein, the leader of the ISIS that they went to Syria to take him out. What they do is that once they have established that the life of American would be in danger if they didn’t conduct an operation. They would get the latest map of the area using GPS code unit. They would film the area, and then go back to their country to simulate (make an area in their country to look like the area they are going on a mission to) that environment.

They have complete information of how the place looks, vegetation and its land sanding — if it is a muddy area. What is the visibility like? Do we need night googles? They would get a place in their country. For example, when they were preparing for operation Delta Storm they went somewhere in California that was a desert. That is where they conducted their simulation for Delta Warfare. So, you can’t say that for America to be good at Desert warfare that they must have lived in deserts. No!

Everything they would plan and it is the worst case scenario that they would plan with. Once they are ready through the Department of States, they would just inform Nigeria. And if they need Nigerian troops they would tell them to stay in their area for them. They won’t get involved in the fighting. They don’t need them to get involved in the fighting. But if there is a need for Nigerian soldiers to assist them in any way that is when Nigerian troops will be told.

What they do is to get chopper that can evade raiders. They will now you chopper to insert raiders(their troops) into that area like an airborne operation bearing in mind how many fighter personnels they need to get that job done. They will also have airborne fighters they will be monitoring the raided area, and they will join their colleagues if it is beyond their control. They rarely get it wrong.

For any American soldier to take part in any special operation, he must have undergone on special forces training. They have been training in jungle warfare, amphibious warfare and all kinds of training that prepare them before you can be a member of special forces’ personnel. And they won’t shoot the wrong person.

Babajide, however, urged Nigeria to take a lesson from American army.

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