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The Senate on Tuesday urged the federal government to open the borders to allow cross-border sales of petroleum products now that gasoline subsidies have been phased out.

 Senate asked the Federal Government to order the selling of petroleum products across borders, which is why

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The upper chamber stated that since the subsidy was removed, smuggling of petroleum products has decreased.

This was in response to a motion presented before it by Senator Solomon Adeola, APC-Ogun West.

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The Senate explained that the restrictions earlier placed on petroleum products and fertilisers were as a result of national security.

The upper house however cautioned that since “petrol and fertiliser can be used to make improvised explosive devices, IED,” the federal government through the office of the national security adviser and Customs must take necessary steps before opening the borders.

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The red chamber therefore urged the Comptroller General of Customs and office of the National Security Adviser to allow the product through the border community.

The Senate also requested that the federal government monitor the corridors to verify that there is no threat to national security.

However, in his judgement during the motion’s brief deliberation, Senate President Godswill Akpabio stated that it was necessary;

“All registered vehicles shall have a Proof of Ownership Certificate.”- The Federal Government imposes a N1000 annual charge on vehicle owners

To take the subject of fertiliser on its own.

“Petrol can be allowed to pass through the borders for the time being, but fertilizers, because they can be used to make IEDs, will be considered by the NSA and other relevant agencies.”

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