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Sin is sin no matter coloration- Bishop Oyedepo warns social media users

‘Sin Is Sin No Matter The Colouration’ – Bishop Oyedepo Warns Social Media users.

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The man of God Bishop Oyedepo has issued a statement on social media warning Christians that Sin is Sin no matter how we want to sugar coat our actions. Read this article to the end, inorder to see the full message posted by Bishop Oyedepo.

Bishop Oyedepo has been known to have a very active social media presence due to his frequent release of messages on social media. The 65-year-old man is the presiding Bishop of the megachurch called Winner’s Chapel International which is located in all states in Nigeria and also in other nations.

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Bishop Oyedepo: ‘Sin is sin, No Matter the Colouration. You do not talk of honour where sin reigns. NO! Until you solve the sin problem, you can never experience lasting honour. STOP SIN BEFORE IT STOPS YOU.’

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