'Soon the wrath of God will come against Nigerian leaders, Apostle Suleman

The president and founder of Omega and Fire Ministry based in Edo State, Apostle Suleman have come again with what he called The wrath of God falling on the leadership of this country in no time will they do not change from their corrupt and evil ways of handling the affairs of this great country NIGERIA.

In one of his online ministration, he describes this current administration as one of those things that befell the children of Israel during their days of darkness and wondering and strange land called in Egypt, and Nigeria currently is going through what is not supposed to be our portion based on the enormous mineral resources God has blessed his country with.

It is no longer news to know that most of the people in government are confused and can no longer manage the economy of our country with all the natural resources God has blessed us and also the only believe in stealing from the oil boom which has crashed all over the world what can we say when the wicked are at the ends of a fair the people suffer that is the scripture you can put me anywhere.

Which the way they are handling the COVID-19 issues, it is very obvious that the whole world can see how corrupt the Nigeria system is based on what even the minister of interior affairs has been exhibiting on National television is a show of shame to the country that is supposed to be the giant of Africa with everybody all over the world knows Nigeria for.

The idea for the call on all well-meaning Christians all over the world and in Africa especially Nigeria to pray specifically for the unity of the country because we are not heading towards anything that looks very smooth and peaceful but rather we have to pray that God should continue to give us space in this our great nation called Nigeria may God bless Nigeria.

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