• Tue. Dec 6th, 2022

Supreme Court Judgement Favoured Hope Uzodimma, But That May Not Matter This Time. Here’s Why

Reasons Why I invited soldiers to Orlu- Gov. Uzodinma

In the month of January, the ruling of the Supreme Court was in utmost favour of Governor Uzodinma, but that may just not be the case this time around.

Let’s remember that before Hope became the Governor of Imostate,there was an Ihedioha who was shamefully removed from office.

One would have thought that Ihedioha’s chapter for Governorship had been taken away. Apparently that does not seem to be the case because the RAP party seems to be pushing for Uzodinma’s removal.

Currently there is a legal move to see that Uzodinma be removed as Governor of Imostate and Ihedioha be reinstated back to his rightful position.

This move was headed by none other than the Reform And Advancement Party(RAP) and Mr Kingdom, their Gubernatorial candidate for 2019 election.

He was of the opinion that Uzodinma illegally occupied the seat as the Governor of Imostate and his reasons quite justified him.

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