Fans are excited about the possibility of Josko Gvardiol joining Christopher Vivell as Chelsea’s new technical director.

The Cub unveiled the new suit today, which was inspired by Red Bull’s impressive system. We believe he will not be the last player to join the impressive Austrian organization, and that other players will follow him.

He will be more familiar with Gvardiol than most, and if the Croatian star needs convincing to join Chelsea, we now have the perfect person in place to do it.

Their colleague Christopher Nkunku has reportedly already agreed to join this summer.

Chelsea is said to be “working on” Josko Gvardiol, which explains why

Signing Gvardiol will not be cheap, especially after his World Cup performance, but Vivell will know exactly what he’s worth and what he’s willing to pay. Unless another top team makes a significant effort, we appear to be strong favorites here.

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