"The only way I could leave Chelsea is if Pochettino didn't want me," Thiago Silva says.
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Thiago Silva, a Chelsea star, has responded to reports that he wants to leave the club and return to his boyhood club Fluminense, insisting that he will see out the remainder of his contract with the Blues.

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"The only way I could leave Chelsea is if Pochettino didn't want me," Thiago Silva says.

The 38-year-old, who signed a one-year contract with Fluminense in February, has denied suggestions that he will speak with Chelsea about leaving Stamford Bridge a year early.

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Silva told ESPN Brasil following Saturday’s 2-2 draw with Nottingham Forest,

“I have a contract here, right?”

It’s strange because a lot of things have come out [in the media], and fans have become very passionate.” Some curse me on social media, while others urge, “Come soon,” and yet others add, “If you don’t come now, don’t come at all.”

“It’s even tedious for me.” If I’m not mistaken, it’s only been two months since I renewed with Chelsea, and I’ve always kept my promises.

“I’ll only leave if Chelsea decides they don’t want me for next season, or if the new coach doesn’t want me to stay.”

“I intend to complete the contract that I signed until next year, and then, next year, I will terminate it.”

He said, when asked if he had lately made touch with Fluminense,

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“I’ve always followed them since I left, I’ve always stayed very close.”

I go there whenever I’m on vacation and conduct my training there. There are lots of my pals there.

A lot of ‘come back soon’ messages are being sent.” They are really concerned, especially when some untruths are revealed in the press.

“I even told my wife, ‘I don’t know what meeting they’re talking about stating I’m near to a return,’ because there isn’t one!

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In January, I spoke with [Fluminense president] Mario [Bittencourt].” I chatted with Mario and Fred, the director of sports planning, about my position and my aspirations.

“I still signed my renewal with Chelsea after that meeting.” In fact, it was said at the conference that there would undoubtedly be a desire to return after another year. And not simply to conclude my career there, but to contribute.”

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