This Friday's Top Stories Making Newspaper Headlines
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The Nation reports that salaried Kenyans are going to pay more taxes in the new tax proposal by president Kenyatta through the financial bill 2023. It states that employees, digital content creators and the middle class will have it rough under the new taxation plan which is set to start in June.

This Friday's Top Stories Making Newspaper Headlines

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Opposition chief Raila Odinga has set the record clear to president Ruto that the Azimio camp will be forced to go back to the streets if he does not show goodwill and honesty in the bipartisan talks that will soon resume.

Former Kiambu governor Ferdinand Waiting suffered a major blow after the court freezes his assets that he can not explain.

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More Tax Pain in Budget

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A raft of new measures have been made by the taxman.Kenyans are set to pay more tax as the government has introduced a 3% tax where taxpayers will be paying for housing.Also this whoa are earning a salary of more than Ksh 500,000 will be paying a 35% PAYE.

Pastor Ezekiel Odero was on Thursday released after spending a week in police custody.He was released on a bond of sh1.5 million.



Treasury Counters Ruto MPs on Raila and Uhuru Perks

The treasury has countered a move led by president Ruto allied members of parliament who were seeking to withdraw the works and pensions that former president Uhuru Kenyatta and Azimio leader Raila Odinga enjoy.The treasury has said that the section that denies the two their pensions and salaries was declared unconditional.

A bill on conflict of interest is about to be tabled.The bill seeks to prevent civil servants from working with government for two years from their period of leaving government.

People Daily


How the New Tax Plan Affects You

The People Daily has highlighted various ways in which the finance bill 2023 will affect Kenyans.The treasury has proposed to expand tax base targeting employees, businesses, consumers and practitioners in digital space with fresh levies.

Nigeria Government to petition UK over Nnamdi Kanu inciting audio

Azimio leader Raila Odinga has said that the bipartisan talks should be done in a period of 30 days with the aim of ensuring that the coalition is not taken for a ride.

Taifa Leo


Uhuru Alilaza Damu Chamani

Nominated member of parliament Sabina Chege has spoken about her being appointed the new party leader of Jubilee Party.She revealed that the move was done to remove former president Uhuru Kenyatta from the party leadership as the party was getting unpopular and the former president wish no longer popular in Mt Kenya.

The education cabinet secretary Ezekiel Machogu shed more light about about the new university funding that was recently launched by president Ruto.He reveled that students already continuing with higher education will follow the old system in paying their school fees and getting funding.

Taifa Leo also reports that president Ruto made a phone call to Azimio leader Raila Odinga to stop the Thursday protests as a way of patriotism due to the foreign dignitaries who are in the country at the moment.

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