Time for Collaborative thinking to get out of Economic issues of COVID-19
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Time for Collaborative thinking to get out of Economic Issues?

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Its almost 6 weeks the neo- COVID-19 Epidemic shook the world, and up till now no known cure nor Vaccine has been found.

This pandemic has affected all if the sphere of human Endeavor, Physically, Socially, and Economically.
Some nations are gradually opening up their economies because everywhere was shut. Its quite certain things won’t go back to normal again.

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As a Sociologist, human problems give rise to thinking of problem-solving.

The impact of COVID19

Before now the cold war almost nearing the beginning of the third World War as predicted but today Nations are thinking of how to survive.

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The World powers are thinking about how to clench more powers, while most developed Nations are just thriving to survive.

The United States(US), clamp down on international travels for Nigerians, the close border with the Cubans, and forced a lot of illegal immigrants out.

Well, all this and more what then should be the solution.

There is a need for a virtual global conference, of world leaders and ordinary people to find common grounds to forge ahead and find the solution. It is time for Collaborative thinking and solutions to these problems that can solve issues.

Most of the notes been shared is on how the pandemic is solved and how nations are dealing with it.
Many claims to cure of COVID-19 using herbs, Chloroquine, so what is working?

How can the world become a kinder and friendlier nation? How can we begin to build live back again? The word is TOGETHER!!!

Written by,

Ene Ejiga

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