• Tue. Oct 26th, 2021

Transfer News: Arsenal set to sign Inter Milan striker, Lautaro Martinez

Arsenal is taking very opportunity in their reach to signed key players into the squad as they have explored the opportunity to signed Lautaro Martinez, Inter Milan striker, before the end of the transfer window closed.

Although, Arsenal have long held Lautaro in high regard, with Inter Milan team contact about your prospective deal for signing him at the Emirates.

But according to source Arsenal have enquired about him in the last summer. The club knows Lautaro Martinez availability and that is why he is needed at the Emirates, if the contract deal with Inter Milan is met.

No doubt, Lautaro would be interested to leave Inter Milan and joined Arsenal if their demand for his transfer i is agreed. But, other club, Tottenham have been mentioned Lautaro in their interested list to get the Inter Milan striker signed, according to source.

Arsenal goes for Lautaro that maybe reliant of Alexandre lacazette leaving as well, because, of their closed relationship. His name has been mentioned to Inter Milan, but they are thought to only want cash.

Lautaro exit from inter milan’s level up with his salary, which he earn about €6.5m per annum as net wage, compared to other players in the club, like Romelu Lukaku, Christain Eriksen and Alexis Sanchoz who they received higher than.


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