Transfer rumour: Tension in Man United as Cristiano Ronaldo car spotted at Sporting club on loan move

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TRANSFER RUMORs: As Manchester United star, Cristiano Ronaldo spotted in Sporting stadium with his car packed at their office seems to be a transfer move. The news circulating on social media that Cristiano Ronaldo is making move to joined the Sporting club on a loan transfer move.

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Although, Manchester United fans see it as a rumors, while the Man United officials might see it as rumors.

Christiano Ronaldo will stay at Old Trafford or not following exit rumours linking him to a UEFA champions league club after literally being slashed a 25% on his wages.

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The 37 year old forward isn’t with the squad in Australia for preseason training after being given a chance to stay with his family due to personal reasons, something which has worried many United’s supporters.

Bayern Munich is the latest club to deny their intentions to sign him after Chelsea, PSG and Barcelona and therefore it’s like he will be heading for former club.
According to Mirror Football, Christiano Ronaldo’s car was pictured at Sporting Lisbon’s stadium with reports revealing that he might be handling a loan move to Portuguese side who are as well in UEFA champions league.

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Portuguese local TV has well revealed that the Portuguese outfits are negotiating a deal to resign the world class forward from Man United as they’re offering an ideal chance to take part in champions league.

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Meanwhile, United are still confident of landing their fifth summer signing having been hugely linked with Anthony and Ivan Tonney.

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