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Trump and Biden Poll- Joe Biden intensified his attacks Friday on President Donald Trump as they battled over the American Midwest, chasing every last vote with four days to go in a region that propelled the Republican to victory in 2016.

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Trump and Biden barnstormed three heartland states each, but the race was overshadowed by the pandemic with coronavirus infections spiking across the country and 94,000 new infections recorded Friday — a new high for the second day running — and total cases passing nine million.

Trump heralded a “big day” of campaigning as he left the White House, then held a rally in Michigan before heading to Wisconsin and Minnesota.

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“We just want normal,” he told supporters — many of them unmasked — at an outdoor rally near Detroit as he pushed states to relax public health restrictions and resume daily life.

He again bucked his own administration’s health experts’ advice as he downplayed the Covid-19 threat, saying “if you get it, you’re going to get better, and then you’re going to be immune.

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Covid-19 has killed nearly 230,000 people in the US, and hospitals are bracing as the winter flu season looms.

The outbreak has ravaged the economy, and while there have been signs of recovery, millions remain jobless.

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Biden was also stumping in Wisconsin and in Minnesota, where he sharpened his attacks on the president on everything from Trump seeking to dismantle Obama-era health care protections and keep his taxes secret to climate change and trade policy with China.

“We can not afford four more years of Donald Trump,” the 77-year-old Democrat said at a socially distanced drive-in rally in St. Paul, Minnesota.

“So honk your horn if you want America to lead again!” he said, embracing the awkward pandemic-era campaign trend of rallying supporters in their vehicles.

“Honk your horn if you want to have civility again, and honk your horn if you want America to be united again!”

Earlier in Iowa, he attacked Trump over his handling of the pandemic.

“Donald Trump has given up (and) waved the white flag,” Biden told a drive-in rally with more than 300 cars in Des Moines.”

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