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US Election: See What Trump Supporters threaten Joe Biden’s Team With

The US presidential election will be held this November. Americans have the option of voting for one of the two candidates; Donald Trump and Senator Joe Biden.

Trump is running under the umbrella of the Republican Party while Biden is running under the umbrella of the Democrats.

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Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden’s campaign has been canceled due to threats from supporters of President Donald Trump.

Democrats have accused Trump supporters of continuing to chase after them in a bid to block Biden’s campaign in major states ahead of election day.

Rafael Anchìa, a member of the Texas Legislature, said some of the attackers were armed.

“They patrolled the streets for 30 to 40 minutes to prevent things from going smoothly” Anchia said.

Anchía accuses Eric, Trump’s son, of causing the riots.

Texas has 38 polling stations, making it the second largest turnout in the United States.

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