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US Election: The Election Race Continue Between Trump And Biden Draw So Near

The much anticipated result on who will be America’s next president will eventually be revealed tomorrow.

“Honour of my life’’ to face President Donald Trump in the November 3- Joe Biden

As the battle continues between the two presidential candidates Donald Trump and Joe Biden, Joe seems to be on the lead while Donald Trump is following steadily behind.

Donald Trump is not moved by the results as he is confident he is going to win the presidential election. The campaign is really going strong as Donald Trump is not leaving any stone unturned.

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He promised his supporters of improved governance starting with tackling the covid-19 pandemic amongst others.

It would seem that Donald Trump is a good strategist as he was seen to visit the five battleground states on Sunday while Joe Biden was in his hometown in Pennsylvania campaigning.

More than 90 million people have casted their votes so far putting the country on the course of its highest turnout in a very long time.

With the growing coronavirus cases and deaths, the campaign seems to be doing more harm than good.

Donald Trump administration was greatly criticised by virus expert Anthony Fauci on Sunday for poorly handling the pandemic, which has drawn a rebuke from the white house.

Watch how Trump different ways to strengthening the American economy for the first debate against Biden

Snow Flurries and freezing temperatures could not stop the Republican candidate has he visited Michigan, Iowa, Georgia, North Carolina, and Florida. Mr Trump is all for securing the borders and protecting the lives of Americans.

Donald Trump is not giving Joe Biden any breathing space as he has called him out many occasions, telling his supporters that Joe Biden will bring American economy down.

On the other hand, Joe Biden has said when he becomes President, he would address systematic racism in the country and he has accused Donald Trump for badly handling the pandemic which has mostly affected African Americans.

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