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US Election: This Could Be What China Wants From Trump


Oct 10, 2020
'Don't sell the TikTok's firm, China govt warns Trump

Why should China,a capitalist nation that US President, Donald Trump has offended by hitting them with huge tariffs and sanctions in the few recent months, blamed for the emergence of the noval Coronavirus pandemic, and also tagged as the greatest threat to US national security, be allegedly supporting Donald Trump’s re-election in the November Poll?

'Don't sell the TikTok's firm, China govt warns Trump

If we take a close look at Donald Trump’s administration,we will notice it has shown virtually no capacity for effective management of Coronavirus within US borders, let alone for the global leadership. No doubt,Donald Trump always takes credit for reshaping the national scheme about China faster than any president since Richard Nixon,who shifted the relationship from containment to engagement, whereas Donald Trump has now done exactly the contrary. But what the Chinese government seems to understand is that there is little hope for the United States to maintain an effective China strategy so long as Trump is in charge.

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Here are two main reasons why China might be supporting Trump’s reelection in the US presidential Election polls which is set to take place in November :

1. Firstly, Trump’s reelection will hinder the creation of a united economic front against China: Donald Trump will presumably continue his omnidirectional approach to trade war, as the continued erosion of the WTO makes it more difficult for other countries accuse China for its unfair activities. Just in the last 14 months alone, Donald Trump has clashed with the United Kingdom and Canada over 5G contracts planned for Huawei, exchanged barbs with French President Emmanuel Macron, withdrawn funding from the World Health Organization, and shown less interest in continuing the NATO alliance.

If Joe Biden emerge victorious in the upcoming US presidential election, I strongly believe this could be more dangerous for China, because Biden is likely to work with allies to target China, whereas Donald Trump is destroying US alliances.

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