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US Election: Trump sues for Pennsylvania counting vote should stop, as Biden lead

Mathematically Donald Trump could still overtake Joe Biden and win the 2020 presidential election but right now his chances of doing that is very low. To hang on the US President is doing all he can and has filed a case for the US Supreme Court to stop the counting of votes in Pennsylvania.

In Pennsylvania 20 electoral votes is at stake and at the moment it remains one of the few states which Donald Trump has a big lead in. But the US president is fearful that if the Mail-In votes continue to be counted in Pennsylvania as is being done now he would likely lose that state to Joe Biden, hence why he wants the counting to be stopped.

Based on the trend so far, the mail-in votes have favoured Joe Biden greatly and it’s the main reason why he is in such a strong position at the moment. Unfortunately for Donald Trump those mail-in votes were among the last votes to be counted and this saw Joe Biden overtake him in states he had a strong lead in as at Tuesday night.

Donald Trump asking for the counting to stop in Pennsylvania maybe largely motivated by his over 300,000 lead in the votes already counted but his major problem here is that the state of Pennsylvania have insisted they would continue to receive mail-in votes for upto 3 days after the election day. According to reports these mail-in votes which continues to be brought in were submitted before the end of the election day on Tuesday but due to some reasons they arrived late.

Trump however is not seeing it that way, from his point of view, allowing more mail-in votes to continue to come in allows a room for cheating which he desperately opposes. He believes the opposition party could use that as opportunity to submit new mail-in votes which are casted after the deadline.

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Both campaigners need a total 270 electoral college votes to be declared the winner and according to CNN projections Joe Biden is leading 253 while Trump is behind with 213 electoral votes. As seen in the image of the CNN projection below, Joe Biden is very close and that is why Donald Trump is fighting to keep hold of Pennsylvania.

It has to be said that with the way things are going Joe Biden may not need to win in Pennsylvania for him to become the next president. He is currently leading in the states of Arizona and Nevada and if maintains that lead and wins in those two states then Pennsylvania wouldn’t matter.

It is true that the current trend shows Joe Biden will very likely win those states but with counting still on going, you can never be sure until it’s over because if Donald Trump wins Arizona or Nevada then possibly Pennsylvania will come in to play.

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