• Mon. Dec 5th, 2022

“We still want him at Stamford Bridge”- As 2 clubs eyeing N’golo Kante to sign from Chelsea

The first club is Arsenal and they are doing very well with Mikel Arteta on their side, if Kante was to ever sign a better deal in his life he should be signing with the London Reds, and play with Tomas as a center, he will have fewer injuries as he will not be doing everything from attack to defense, he will have someone to help him and that will make his job extra easier.

Kante is black and he told for a black man to make it in Europe he must do 2 times the work of an ordinary person, only that way he will be recognized but that is not true, all he needs to do is to be smart and not sacrifice his health for the wealth in Europe that might not even last him 10 years.

Ngolo Kanté offered to Arsenal and Tottenham? – US Sports

Chelsea is already getting prepared to let him lose next season, this is the same guy that won them trophies and represented them in the FIFA world cup and Club world cup, this man is great but they will be letting him go simply because he has injuries, Messi was also loyal to Barca but they did not want to raise money to keep him in the club, instead, they waited until the end of the transfer window to set him free just so he does not go to rivals in England.

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Tottenham Hotspur is another team that is open to signing Kante, they love how humble he is also Antonio Conte has worked with him before and he loves his style of football, from attack to defense and he never even spoke ill of him in a day to the media, he is a player he would really love to work with for the rest of his days.