What Biafra should do if Nigeria is split- Boris Johnson

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The United Kingdom Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, said, Nigeria is infested with corruption, we know! A trip to abuja will enlighten you on the height of corruption in this country. Some of these known politicians have fleets of expensive cars lined in their garages with luxurious mansions to compensate the completeness of their corrupt nature.

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Things are failingly becoming worse, insurgents in the north east killing young and old alike.

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No one can and SHOULD really blame the Biafrans for wanting to break away from Nigeria. The South south and the East hold a significant stand in dictating the uprightness of the Nigerian economy. The oil, which has become the ingredient of corruption to our leaders, comes majorly from these areas. Yet, these areas are devoid of development, infrastructure-wise and in every other aspect.

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With the look of things and the recent uproar associated with the proposed resignation of Mr President, Buhari, Nigeria’s splitting is imminent. People can’t take this anymore.

If that splitting finally happens and Biafrans break away completely, they should do these things.

1. Embrace technical education

formal education in Nigeria is in a complete mess, graduates cannot in fact defend their certificates, this is why! During their years in school, they were made to study imaginary things, studies that are not applicable to solving real world problems. Imagine a chemistry student who never saw chlorine till he graduated from the university or a medical student who never did a comprehensive gross practicals till graduation. Or an engineering student who is unable to build a toy car (hilarious).

Biafrans shouldn’t make this mistake. The people from the south south and East are mentally inclined in technical skills and the Biafran nation should help them achieve this.

Late Ojukwu failed to see this; he would have won the war had he invested the resources in grooming Biafran scientists. He would have brought in foreign scientists who had been abandoned by their countries to teach the locals on technology building. Nigeria would have surrendered to Biafran in just a second when they see how powerful biafrans were in terms of weapons (not like I want this for Nigeria).

Biafra should be wise enough to advance itself in technology to match up with world superpowers. Nigeria has failed on that part, Biafra shouldn’t!

2. Stability in electricity

if there is one major thing Biafra must achieve first, it is stable electricity. I am sure the Biafrans will be smart enough to device an energy source for achieving this.

3. Be friends with the Yoruba people

The Biafrans should let bygones be bygones, the Yoruba people are one of the nicest and accomadating people in the world. According to history, Biafrans would have won the war if not for the Yoruba people’s betrayal.

The Yoruba people don’t like war, they are peaceful but FEARFUL. They are the best allies the biafran nation can have.

4. Build a robust railway system.

The biafran nation should build itself a robust railway system that will connect Lagos to the south south and East. This will attract investors and industrialists to the region, the railway system will be their method of raw material transportation to the region. Before you know it, the region will be just like Lagos. Remember, the railway system must be ROBUST!!

5. Run its affairs alone

The affairs of the biafran nation must be maintained and sustained by Biafrans alone.

Biafrans should never let any world superpowers control their affairs for them. Biafrans are wise people and they should know how to go about sustaining their own affairs.

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