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What FIFA said as Thiago Silva not allowed to play against Aston Villa on Saturday

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Chelsea FC against Aston Villa on Saturday, September 11, 2021, play without Thiago Silva, as FIFA order the Blues not to fixture the Brazilian player.

Chelsea, Thiago Silva was banned not played in five Premier League matches, Aston Villa, Zenit, Peterborough, and others, as the Brazilian players will not be among the Chelsea’squads to play against those clubs.

What FIFA said as Thiago Silva not allowed to play against Aston Villa on Saturday

The Brazilian Football Association have asked FIFA to invoke rules which prevent players from representing their clubs for five days following an international break where the clubs have not released their players to their countries.

The world football governing body has informed those Premier League clubs affected by the restrictions as well as the FA.

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Eight players from five clubs – Manchester United, Manchester City and Liverpool as well as Leeds United and Chelsea – were stopped from travelling to Brazil because it is on the UK government’s red list. Players would have had to quarantine in hotels for ten days upon their return.

Everton’s Richarlison was also prevented from travelling but there has been no request to prevent him from taking part in the games because of the good relationship between Everton and the Brazilian Football Association.

Although, the banned covered from September 10th-14th, 2021. That mean Thiago Silva will not be able to feature in this weekend’s Premier League fixture against Aston Villa and match against Zenit in the Champions League opening on Tuesday.

This rules, it is being constituted under FIFA regulation laws, and it is mandatory for the clubs to abide by rules in terms of releasing their international player for duty except there is a proud agreement between the club and and national association.

With such laws, restricted or ignored the law if Premier League clubs play their players regardless the constituted laws, under Article 22 of FIFA’s disciplinary code.

If clubs goes against FIFA regulation, they would forfeit matches.

Can the Blues do better sayings Thiago Silva one day feature in today’s match against Aston Villa on Saturday, September 11, 2021?

Chelsea vs Aston Villa match to the watch, without Thiago Silva.

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