WHU vs CHE: Chelsea’s Enzo Fernandez has one West Ham player in mind for today’s match

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Enzo Fernandez of Chelsea is contemplating the midfield battle that will ensue between him and Declan Rice of West Ham United in Saturday’s Premier League clash.

WHU vs CHE: Chelsea's Enzo Fernandez has one West Ham player in mind for today's match

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Enzo Fernandez: West Ham United manager David Moyes made this claim on Friday.

Moyes addressed the media before West Ham’s Premier League match against Chelsea on Saturday afternoon at the London Stadium.

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“He Fernandez may be thinking the same thing about playing against Dec Declan Rice,” Moyes speculated.

Dec is a football fanatic. We watch and talk about all the good players, and Enzo Fernandez is one of them. He demonstrated it during the World Cup.

“Who had lavished him with praise for his talent as a player. So I knew he was being watched.

“Clearly, the World Cup highlighted his abilities. We try to give the players as much information about the opposition as we can.

“The players aren’t stupid. They’ll have seen recent Premier League games as well as the World Cup. However, it is difficult for Chelsea because they have so many new players.”

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Fernandez currently holds the British transfer record, having cost Benfica £105 million last month, but Rice is expected to break that record when he finally leaves West Ham, possibly this summer.

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“I was aware of him when he was at Benfica. In November, I spoke with Benfica’s manager about him.”

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