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Why Barrack Obama Should Apologize To Donald Trump

As the United States Of America Presidential election looms ahead, there has been a lot of verbal animosity going on in the country between supporters of current president, Donald Trump and his political opponent, a presidential aspirant from the opposition party, Joe Biden.

With the election slated for 3rd of this month, a lot of online debates has been going on with renowned personalities being asked their opinion as regards the looming election, and former president Barack Obama has left no words unsaid as he verbally insults his successor of not being worthy for a second term.

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According to ex president Obama, he said if a whole President of the Unites States can walk out of a question because he feels it’s difficult, he isn’t worthy of a second term. That statement subtly means he’s not clever enough if being interpreted literally.

The question asked was, “If elected, what will you like to do in your second term?” To think such an easy and straight forward question is hard for a US president is awful. Perhaps, he’s just trying to make his support for Joe Bidden public. He should apologise to Donald Trump for uttering such horrible and degrading words.

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