• Thu. Sep 29th, 2022

Why Hushpuppi should be released and recruited into FBI to earn huge monthly salary

Hushpuppi with a strong message to Nigerian Youths over cybercrime

Ray Hushpuppi was arrested few weeks back after attempting to scam USA government with fake ventilator. He was arrested in Dubai and taken to FBI in USA.

However, the best lawyer in the world has been hired by Hushpuppi to represent him in court.

The lawyer’s reputation is very high as he has never lost any case. The lawyer is known for representing high celebrities in the world especially in the USA.

The lawyer is accusing FBI of kidnapping his client because there were no legal warrants signed by the court to arrest Hushpuppi.

My opinion is that Ray Hushpuppi is a very vital weapon and asset to the US government. They cannot lock him up forever,

I see it that the US will recruit him into secret service so that he would be able to help them catch other top cyber criminals in the world.

America is not like Africa, even though they want to sentence him it will be less than 6 months and afterwards he will be recruited into FBI with huge monthly payments.

Recall that his lawyer said Hushpuppi is not a criminal because he has millions of people following him on Instagram and he makes money from it.

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