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Wol vs Che: One crucial mistake Thomas Tuchel is repeating in all matches that might affects their performances


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Thomas Tuchel finally reveals his stands on Lukaku amid his recent poor form

Actions continue today in the Premier League, PL, as Wolves takes on Chelsea in today’s game, Chelsea is fully ready to boost their points or improved on their performance as the Blues should correct those mistakes to see Chelsea wins today’s match.

The West London team performances since their last five matches has reduced despite the availability of all the top players in the team. Thomas Tuchel current attacking formation is really affecting the performance of the team

Chelsea hosted Everton at Stamford bridge in their week 17 match. It was not an easy match for the home team because the visitors did not allow them to rest till the blast of the final whistle.

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The match which ended in a 1:1 draw saw the visitors celebrating while the home team looked frustrated after Everton equalized their goal, four minutes after Mason Mount scored. Chelsea had a lot of chances to score more goals, but non was converted by the midfielders who played as strikers.

The manager does not like using strikers while starting a match, but he prefers to use a midfielder as a force 9. His tactics are really affecting the Chelsea’s team because the club has quality strikers who can do this job better.

Chelsea match against Everton, Mason Mount and other players missed a clear goal scoring opportunity during the match. Romelu Lukaku and Timo Werner wouldn’t have missed such opportunities.

Despite the absence of both strikers because of Covid-19, they are other young strikers who would have helped the team to win the match by not missing such goal chances. The manager should correct such mistake to avoid losing more matches.

It will be a great boosting if Chelsea defeats Wolves in today’s match.